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Our Future

Investing in the Public Good and Building Optimism

by Mark D. Rosalbo, Economic Development Director & Zoning Administrator
November 2023

As we look to Randolph's future, we see more housing, more childcare, and more jobs.

Randolph is proud to announce its renewed commitment to rebuilding partnerships and its persistent efforts to support the completion of three transformative projects for the betterment of our community:

  1. State-of-the-art hotel
  2. Much-needed childcare center
  3. Thoughtfully planned Net-Zero community within walking distance of our downtown and public transportation system (Amtrak’s Vermonter Line and Tri-Valley Transit)

In recent years, Randolph has witnessed considerable growth and development, attracting more residents and visitors to experience our increasing outdoor activities, healthy living, and budding nightlife, including music, theater, galleries, and award-winning restaurants.

How is Randolph partnering with local groups to expand, grow, and sustain?

With this rise in population, our town recognizes the need for essential facilities and initiatives to meet the evolving demands of our residents and sustain our vibrant and emerging community. Realizing this, Randolph has forged invaluable partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, and community organizations.

These collaborations have been instrumental in bringing forth innovative ideas, diverse expertise, and financial support to turn our shared vision into an exciting reality.

1. The New Hotel Project

The first of the three key projects is the construction of a quality hotel, which will elevate Randolph as a premier tourist destination and support our business and academic community. This ambitious endeavor takes into account the unique character of our town while ensuring it meets the highest standards of Vermont-style luxury and hospitality.

The long-sought hotel will be open in time for fall foliage season in 2024. The project is a My Place Hotel and will offer 64 Extended Stay rooms with kitchenettes. They have the ability to add another 18 rooms with a future expansion.

Through the partnership of several private local investors and a prominent hospitality developer, they are building a landmark that will attract visitors, bolster local businesses, and create employment opportunities for our residents. We anticipate they will be open for business by early fall 2024 — just in time for foliage season and the holidays.

2. The New Childcare Project

Randolph understands the ever-increasing demand for accessible and reliable childcare services. In response to this pressing need, we are thrilled to report that GMEDC and the Orange County Parent Child Center is nearing the completion of a modern childcare center.

Committed to the safety, well-being, and early childhood development of our youngest residents, this facility will create jobs for workers who will provide a nurturing environment and high-quality care. We extend our gratitude to our community partners who have stepped up to invest in the future of our children and caregivers.

3. The Net-Zero Neighborhood Project

Randolph is currently involved in the development of a thoughtfully planned net-zero neighborhood. Under the direction of RACDC, this project entails the creation of sustainable housing, green spaces, and community amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

RACDC is working collaboratively with urban planners, architects, and environmentalists to ensure each aspect of this project aligns with our town's vision and goals. We anticipate the project to be completed in late 2024

These three critical projects not only showcase the commitment of Randolph to progress and development but also exemplify the spirit of community engagement and collaboration that defines our town. By actively working together, we are not only rebuilding partnerships but also reimagining the future of Randolph.

Mark D. Rosalbo

Economic Development Director & Zoning Administrator
[email protected]
802-728-5433 ext. 13