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Living Here

It's morning in early spring.

The red fox is out back trotting along the tree line.

The fog from the third branch of the White River is slowly lifting and the birds have been making themselves known for hours.

The days are great for getting outside again - to get hands in the soil now warm enough to work, and for family outings to the park, playground, and downtown destinations.

Cyclists are taking to the roads and trails and gardens are just starting to pop. Life in Randolph is sweet as the geese fly north and spring comes to town.

Within what seems like mere days spring gives way to summer. 

Town is booming with options for active families and solo adventurers alike. Music and art spill out onto the streets with the same exhuberance of the kids out of school.

Hiking and biking trails beckon, and refreshing beverages in the cool outdoor evening breeze awaits us. The projects keep coming and everything we need to complete our tasks can be found in town.

Summer gets spent with friends, BBQ-ing, and jaunts into town for neccessities and fun alike.

Local produce from pick-your-own places to the Farmer's Market make summer in Randolph a foodie's dream.

Travelers from around the world join the locals for performances, on trails, at campgrounds, and out and about the town.

Independence Day arrives and it seems the whole town has shown up for the parade. 

One day you step outside and realize it's autumn: time to rest the garden and don a sweater.

The geese have other plans than to stick around for the coming winter.

The kids are out on the soccer fields and the autumn air is crisp.

Warm cocoa, coffee, and cider start finding their ways into people's hands.

The unmistakeable beauty of a Vermont fall foliage shares itself with us and you can't help but appreciate bearing witness.

Apples need picking from the trees, and families fill downtown for trick-or-treating fun.

Before we realize it, winter has set in, and the holiday season brings light and cheer to cold nights.

Downtown people are enjoying the cheer and revelry of a new year.

People are taking to the snow with sleds, skis and boards to partake in the winter sports that Vermont offers.

The skating rink is busy when the temperatures get low enough. Slowly the sun begins to climb higher in the sky and the cycle returns. 

Living in Randolph is good by most measures. By some, it's incredible.

If vibrant, community-minded small-town life calls to you, then we invite you to move to Randolph, to become a part of this place's unique story.

Randolph's got the vibe. It just needs you.