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Blog: Values Drive Innovation at Applied Research

Posted November 03, 2023 by Mark Rosalbo

Core Values Drive Innovation and Growth at Applied Research

Get ready to be blown away by the cutting-edge technology and innovative spirit of Applied Research Associates (ARA), Randolph's best-kept secret! This powerhouse of a company is revolutionizing the world of advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles, and weapons technology right here in our very own Gateway Commercial district. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Photo: John Prince, Nicolas Ledger, and Tyler Gately

Step into the world of ARA, and you'll find a workplace that exudes passion, service, freedom, and growth. These core values are not just fancy words on a mission statement; they are intertwined into the very fabric of the company. Tyler Gately, Senior Business Strategist, believes in aligning ARA's values with the upbeat motto on the Vermont state flag – "Freedom and Unity." And boy, does this company radiate that energy!

Did you know that nearly 20% of ARA's workforce in Vermont consists of military veterans? That's right! These extraordinary individuals bring a whole new level of dedication and expertise to the table. But it's not only their employees who reap the benefits – ARA is all about giving back to the community too. They actively support local fundraisers such as Gifford’s Last Mile Ride and organize various STEM activities to nurture the next generation of brilliant minds in Randolph and beyond.

But let's not forget about ARA's facility, a technological marvel, hidden within what looks like a typical rural office building, in Randolph since 2006. Its state-of-the-art interior design sits on a sprawling forty-acre property. The company's famous brand name, Vertek, is renowned by national and international customers alike. This place is the epitome of innovation!

Ryan Langlois, Associate Division Manager, has been part of the ARA family for over two decades. He knows Randolph like the back of his hand, and he can't help but praise the work environment and our resilient community. Plus, Ryan jokes about the enviable lack of traffic on his daily commute, the ultimate win for work-life balance. Even with Tyler, Ryan, and other managers at the helm, ARA faces the challenges of a rural business , including finding talent, providing housing, and getting the word out about their incredible work.

But fear not, my fellow Randolphins! The stars seem to align perfectly for ARA and our community. The upcoming hotel will cater to business partners, customers, and potential employees, ensuring they have a comfortable place to stay. Randolph Area Economic Development Corporation's Salisbury Square Housing Development and other building projects are set to alleviate the housing crisis. And wait for it, GMEDC (Green Mountain Economic Development Corporation) is teaming up with OCPCC (Orange County Parent Child Center) to construct a large childcare center. By late 2024, these projects will be completed, marking a significant milestone for ARA and the whole community. The future is looking bright!

Now, if you're itching to dive into this world of technological wonders and be a part of its growth, ARA has some exciting job openings up for grabs. From Robotics Software Engineers to Principal Engineers, there's a position waiting for you. Don't just take my word for it; head over to My Job Search ( or ARA's LinkedIn page for more information on these incredible opportunities.