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Events on this calendar must meet the following conditions to be considered for inclusion:

  1. The event must be located within the town of Randolph or have a Randolph affiliation.
  2. The event must be non-partisan and non-political.
  3. The event must provide entertainment, food, or other attractions (i.e., not regularly occurring meetings, open business hours, sales events, or faith-based services).
  4. The event must be open to the general public (either for free or at cost)
  5. The event must be organized by an established business, non-profit, or local community organization

All events submitted are reviewed and considered for inclusion. Please add your events two weeks in advance. Please note there is no guarantee your event will be included on the calendar. 

Event Information

All day

Please note images must be either .jpg or .png files and may not exceed 10MB in file size. If you have trouble attaching an image please submit your event without an image and email it to [email protected].
Public Contact Information

If your event is approved we can display an email or phone number for people to reach you.

Your Contact Information

If we have any questions about your event we will attempt to contact you via the email address you provide here.